Loveteacuppuppy is...

Loveteacuppuppy is a reputable popular pet dog business in Seoul South Korea.

Our puppies are kept under extremely special and cautious care in a lovely environment. We have a very clean space for each puppies. They are all separated for health purpose. We strongly oppose to puppy mills and similar measures. It is definitely not ethical, and they should increase protection for dogs in commercial breeding operation.

Us, Loveteacuppuppy, guarantee, they are raised by well-trained skilled employees to ensure they are well fed and remain in excellent health condition.

  • We prevent them to be exposed to diseases.
  • We prevent to breed only tiny small puppies.

We focus on their quality based on appearance and these prince and princesses will melt your heart.
Still, Our priority is health. We ensure that they are in a safe and clean environment and be very healthy.

Also, we do not like the word tea cup, as it can be misunderstood as weak and short life span breeds. There are no exact definition of tea cup, but based on many researches, short life span puppies are not related to smaller dogs. They are related to incautious and unethical breeding. We do not inbreed, we know how the process of breeding small toy sized dogs by mating healthy adult toy sized dogs instead.

Our puppies are very loved, and have the care they need. Now it is your turn!



Process of bringing home our puppies

  • 1 Step. Please let us know the breed and the gender you are mostly interested in.
  • 2 Step. Please let us know the name of the selected pic/video chosen on the website.
  • 3 Step. Please call us for consultation for more details and information.
  • 4 Step. After the consultation, Please send $1000 of deposit through for the down payment ($1000 will be deducted from the final payment.) Then, the balance shall be paid within 7 days.
  • 5 Step. The delivery department will be in. touch with you to collect information 1 week before departure.
  • 6 Step. You got your forever furry friend!
  • 7 Step. After receiving the puppy, please contact us.


We promise to...

We promise to ensure that they are well fed and remain in excellent health condition for a comfortable transition into their new home.

We will do our best to ensure the same best quality puppies in best price. Many other companies will attempt to sell a same quality at a higher price by tempting you with smaller, more good-looking, and good bloodline puppies.

Our motto is to have a reasonable price range and sell the right high quality puppies for right customers. No bubbled price.

1year Health guarantee.


  • The price mentioned include your lifetime furry friend, vacinations,vet check and thorough examination, health guarantee, health certificate, quarantine paper.
  • Free Shipping Fee to ( LAX,SFO,SEA,MIA,ATL,DAL,JFK,ORD in USA ,YVR, BKK…ETC)
    *Other City may cost additional fee for shipping.
  • Additional transportation cost will apply for following mentioned airports; LAX,SEA,SFO,YVR,YYZ. Depending on the destination, there may be an additional charge for connecting flights. (These costs are incomparable and reasonable)
  • Our Vet makes sure that they examine the puppies thoroughly and are healthy before they are sent.

Where are our puppies from?

Us, About Dog, guarantee, they are raised by well-trained skilled employees to ensure they are well fed and remain in excellent health condition.
The dogs are NOT from puppy mills, they are from very well-known kennel with intense and precise care that we have cooperated with for many years.

These professional breeders and trainers are trained to take care of the dogs with love care and free of stress.ur turn!